Solo Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Go Beyond Affiliate Marketing and Ads


Learn to build long term customer value by creating your own products instead of  sending away your most profitable customers for short-term gain.

Learn to Think More Strategically


Attract the best customers, streamline marketing with smart software choices, and increase conversions with intelligent lead generation.

Maximize Your Site's Value for a Future Sale


Increase your website's value for current profits and become a more valuable acquisition target when you are ready to do something different.

Latest Strategic Intel

What Makes a Website Valuable?

You can absolutely learn what makes your website valuable and take steps now to become more profitable in the short run and increase the amount you can get when you are ready to sell.

10 Places to Sell Your Online Course

If you don't want to spend as much time and money marketing your course, you can always try to sell your content on course marketplaces with existing audiences. Here are 10 you may want to consider.

How to Do Market Research for Course Creation

Going through the time and expense of creating a course that doesn't sell is a terrible feeling. Learn how to do smart market research before building your course for the best chance to succeed.


More Strategic Intel – Learn how to do market research, monetize your site, Internet business strategy, smart software choices, and how to build your own profitable online courses.

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