Survey Software Comparsion – Small Business Options

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There are numerous survey software options in the market to conduct research on your website visitors and target audience. However, many options are not targeted for small businesses and command a high price due to features you may not need.

We've sorted through the various software providers and picked 18 that are priced and include features that are suitable for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

The chart below provides a quick overview of pricing options by tier. Since not all survey providers include a monthly payment option, we display annual pricing for sake of comparison.

Below the chart we include more details about each option and when available, include a sample video of a survey being created so you can see how easy or difficult the software is to use with its most basic functionality.

Survey Software Price Comparison Chart – Small Business Options

Software Free Plan? Tier 1 (Annual) Tier 2 (Annual) Tier 3 (Annual)
SurveyMethods Yes $108 $468 $2,340
SurveyNuts Yes $150 $190 $390
Kwiksurveys Yes $155 $300 $708
Survey Legend Yes $170 $300 $780
Survey Planet Yes $180 NA NA
Responster Yes $190 NA NA
Crowd Signal Yes $204 $900 NA
Survey Sparrow Yes $228 $588 $1,788
Zoho Survey Yes $240 $300 $720
LimeSurvey Yes $285 $849 NA
MySurveyLab No $290 $490 $1,490
SoGoSurvey Yes $299 $480 $1,188
Survey Gizmo Yes $300 $1,020 $1,800
SurveyAnyplace No $300 $540 NA
Client Heartbeat No $348 $708 $1,068
SurveyMonkey Yes $384 $1,188 NA
Survicate Yes $708 $1,188 $2,988
QuickSurveys Yes $1,020 NA NA

How Plans and Pricing are Typically Tiered


Most of these software options tier their plans based on criteria like access to features, the ability to add more users for team collaboration, and number of survey responses (though the majority have unlimited options on most of their paid plans). Therefore, knowing what you really need is the key to controlling costs and not overbuying.

Survey Features Overview


Not all software providers offer the same feature set but here are the major features along with a brief explanation.

  • Unlimited surveys – send out as many surveys and survey types as you wish.
  • Unlimited questions – include as many questions in a survey as you wish.
  • Unlimited responses – receive an unlimited number of completed surveys
  • Custom branding – add your company logo to every survey (usually includes the removal of the survey software logo)
  • A/B testing – compare two different survey variations to measure which performs the best
  • Page skip logic – when a respondent reaches a certain page, send them to another page or the end of the survey
  • Question skip logic – certain questions are skipped depending on previous survey answers
  • Branching – show or hide different questions, pages, or parts of pages depending on prior survey answers, contact data, or other variables.
  • Piping – use a prior answer as input data in later questions, makes surveys more personalized
  • Real-time analytics/reporting – see survey data as it comes in to the system.
  • Survey Templates – pre-designed surveys you can use without having to build your own. Some may include pre-written questions and some may be design only.
  • Randomization – randomly change the question order to help elminate bias
  • Data export – send data from survey results to other programs like Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF, and other formats
  • Users – the number of different people on your team or in your company that can use the software. Some providers charge per user.


We can't really tell you which is the perfect option for you, but here is our opinion on some standouts from our limited research.

Best Free Plan – Survey Planet, Responster
Best Low Price Tier Plan – SurveyMonkey (lots of features but one of the more expensive options)
Best Training Video Library – SoGoSurvery
Most Affordable for Teams – Kwiksurveys
Best Integration with ActiveCampaign – SurveyMonkey (according to an ActiveCampagin representative)

If you are a solo entrepreneur or a small business just getting started with surveys, I recommend trying one of the free plans from Survey Planet or Responster if you are cost conscious or the low price plan from industry leader SurveyMonkey.

Survey Software – An Overview Of Small Business Options

Here is a brief overview of the 18 providers we selected. We do not list every available feature but only those that might be of interest. Please use the links to the software provider features and plans page for full details.


#1 – Survey Methods

Survey Methods has the lowest priced entry level plan in our comparison and was also awarded for its ease of use and value in the survey category in 2018 by Capterra.

Key Features: (some features may only be available on certain plans)

  • Unlimited Surveys and Responses – available on all paid plans
  • Custom Branding – available on all paid plans
  • Advanced Page Logic – you can customize your survey to do different things based on a respondent's answer (jump to a page, end survey, redirect to a website, show a message, etc.)
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics – reports can be customized, data can be segmented based on demographics or other survey responses, data can be exported and shared.

Free Plan:

Survey Method's free plan offers quite a bit – 500 survey responses a month, unlimited number of surveys, access to the Survey Library with sample surveys, several survey question types (choice-based, matrix, open-ended), and 20 questions per survey.

Advanced Plan ($9/month, $108/year)

The Advanced plan adds an unlimited number of survey responses, some page logic features, and the ability to add a company logo.

Professional Plan ($39/month, $468/year)

The Professional plan  gets you access to all the features including creating anonymous surveys, all the page logic options, more themes, the ability for the respondent to save and resume surveys, team collaboration, and more.

See all the features Survey Methods offers –

#2 – SurveyNuts

SurveyNuts is a French based survey software tool that also includes the ability to make polls and forms.

Key Features:

  • Interactive survey editor – allows you to preview your surveys as you build them.
  • Branching logic – offer different questions based on a respondent's previous answers
  • Survey embedding – embed a survey directly on your website
  • Real-time reporting – view survey data as it comes in

Free Plan:

SurveyNuts' free plan includes 100 responses per survey, 10 questions per survey, and real-time statistics.

Basic Plan: ($17/mo., $150/year)

Stepping up to the basic plan allows 300 responses per survey, 15 questions per survey, access to design themes, and the ability to view individual answers rather than aggregate data.

Pro Plan: ($25/mo., $190/year)

For not too much more per year the Pro plan adds unlimited responses and questions and some data export options.

Plus Plan: ($39/mo., $390/year)

The plus plan adds access to all the features including white label surveys and branching logic questions.

See all of SurveyNuts' features and plan pricing –

#3 – Kwiksurveys

Kwiksurveys bills itself as one of Europe's largest survey software providers. They've been around for 16 years and tout their compliance to European data privacy laws including GDPR.

Key Features:

  • Additional users included in all plans – Kwiksurveys does not charge you extra to add more users on to your account which makes it more affordable for teams and group collaboration.
  • Report segmentation – filter and segment data in your results to better understand answers given by categories of people (age, job, etc.)
  • A/B split testing – test survey variants against one another to find the best performance

Free Plan:

100 responses per survey, create unlimited forms.

Essentials Plan: ($12.99/month, $155/year)

Adds unlimited surveys and responses, reporting, and question logic capabilities.

Pro Plan: ($25/month, $300/year)

Adds A/B split testing, the ability to redirect visitors to a website after the survey is completed, custom fields, and automatic zip code lookup.

Business Plan: ($59/month, $708/year)

Adds a custom domain, the ability to white label your surveys and additional support from the company.

See all of Kwiksurveys' pricing and plans –

#4 – Survey Legend

Survey Legend is a Swedish-based company that was founded in 2010. One of their original goals was to make survey creating and taking enjoyable through great design.

Key Features:

  • Drag and Drop survey creation
  • Visual based survey options – create surveys from pictures that people can select as answers
  • Question logic and branching – present different questions based on previous answers
  • 70 predesigned themes
  • Real-time analytics and reporting – view data as it comes in
  • Strong data encryption and GDPR compliance

Free Plan:

The starter plan is fairly limited and only offers 3 surveys and includes ads and the company logo watermarked. However, you can get unlimited responses and can view the real-time analytic feature.

Pro Plan: ($170/year)

The Pro plan adds the ability to create 2 surveys, the ability to export up to 1,000 responses per survey, more conditional logic capabilities but surprisingly still includes ads.

Business Plan: ($300/year)

It isn't until the Business plan that you are able to offer unlimited surveys, collect unlimited responses, remove ads, and get all the custom branding and question logic features.

View all Survey Legend plans, pricing, and features –

#5 – Survey Planet

Survey Planet is located in Marina Del Rey, CA and was founded in 2011.

Key Features:

  • Branching logic questions
  • Exporting survey results to Excel, Word, CSV, JSON or PDF
  • Use premade themes or create your own

Free Plan:

Survey Planet's free plan is the most generous on this list offering unlimited surveys, unlimited questions, unlimited responses, anonymous survey creation, access to over 90 pre-written surveys, and basic reporting.

Pro Plan: ($20/month, $180/year)

The Pro plan adds to all the great Free features with the ability to export survey data, question branching, pre-designed themes and templates, white labeling, and more.

See all of Survey Planet's features –

#6 – Responster

Responster is another Swedish survey software provider that was founded in 2015.

Survey creation demonstration video:

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop survey builder
  • On Site Surveys – create a survey and use it on touch devices to survey people in person and view data in real time
  • Mobile ready – many survey elements designed specifically for use on mobile devices

Free Plan:

Responster is another option with a very generous free plan which includes unlimited surveys and responses, 10 question types, use premade themes or design your own, and analytics.

Plus Plan: ($190/year per user)

The plus plan is designed for businesses and adds advanced analytics to view individual answers, data exporting, on-site surveying, question logic, and team collaboration.

See Responster's plans and pricing –

#7 – Crowdsignal

Crowd Signal is owned by Automattic, the company behind, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and more.

Key Features:

  • Includes surveys, polls, quizzes, and ratings for more types of audience feedback
  • Real-time analytics
  • Customizable design

Free Plan:

The free plan offers the ability to create unlimited polls and surveys with limited reporting.

Pro Plan: ($29/month, $204/year)

The Pro plan removes Crowdsignal branding, adds advanced reporting, and the ability to email and invite up to 10,000 users to interact with your surveys, polls, or quizzes per month.

Corporate Plan: ($99/month, $900/year)

The Corporate plan adds 10 user accounts, 50,000 email invites, and advanced API integration.

See Crowdsignal's plans and pricing –

#8 – Survey Sparrow

SurveySparrow is a Palo Alto, CA founded in 2017 whose founders set out to improve the survey taking experience.

This SurveySparrow overview video includes a quick demonstration of survey creation:

Key Features:

  • Customize the look and feel of surveys
  • Question logic to present questions based on previous responses
  • Personalize surveys with piping (inserting previously given data into the survey) and custom parameters
  • Schedule surveys and send out automatic reminders to those who haven't completed the survey

Free Plan:

The free plan includes 100 responses per month, 10 questions per survey, survey embedding, advanced reporting, and Zapier integrations.

Starter Plan: ($228/year)

The starter plan adds 1,000 responses per month, custom branding, one question logic option, and more options to share a survey.

Premium Plan: ($588/year)

The premium plan includes unlimited responses, more question logic options, personalization through piping and variables, data export, and more.

View Survey Sparrow pricing and plans –

#9 – Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey can be used as a standalone product or as part of a larger integrated marketing and CRM platform called Zoho One.

Survey creation video:

Key Features:

  • 25 question types
  • SSL protected surveys for data privacy
  • Custom reports to better analyze response data
  • Question logic and piping to personalize the survey and adapt to responses

Free Plan:

Zoho Survey free plan includes unlimited surveys, 100 responses per survey, 10 questions per survey, access to over 200 survey templates, survey embedding, and PDF exporting.

Plus Plan: ($240/year)

The plus plan gives you unlimited surveys, questions, and responses; question logic options, the ability to completely customize the survey designs, custom branding, and more exporting options.

Pro Plan: ($300/year)

The pro plan adds piping and custom variables to personalize the survey, white labeling, better integration into Zoho's other apps, and integration into thrid party tools like Google Sheets, Tableau, Shopify, and Zendesk.

Enterprise Plan: ($720/year)

Adds more user accounts for team collaboration.

See all Zoho Survey's pricing and plans –

#10 – LimeSurvey Professional

LimeSurvey is an open source survey option meaning that the software code can be developed and modified by anyone.

Survey creation video:

Key features:

  • 28 different question types
  • Vast multilingual support (80+ languages)
  • Question logic and branching
  • Option to conduct anonymous surveys

Free Plan:

LimeSurvey's free plan is somewhat stingy and only allows 25 responses per month. It does give you access to a lot of features and questions types so treat it more as a “trial” than a usable plan.

Basic Plan: ($285/year)

The basic plan increases responses to 1,000/month.

Expert Plan: ($849/year)

The expert plan allows 10,000 responses a year.

See LimeSurvey Professionals list of features, plans, and pricing –

#11 – MySurveyLab

MySurveyLab is based in Warsaw, Poland and was founded in 2009. The software is primarily built to integrate with some of the more popular CRM and helpdesk software options in the market.

Survey creation video:

Key Features:

  • Real-time survey results
  • Automation and integration via API
  • Question logic
  • Custom branding on any paid account

Starter Plan: ($29/month, $290 year)

The starter plan includes an unlimited number of surveys, 1000 survey responses per month, access to 10 survey themes and custom branding.

Advanced Plan: ($49/month, $490/year)

The advanced plan adds access to all themes, 2500 survey responses per month, more data export options, and integration with Google analytics.

Professional Plan: ($149/month, $1490/year)

The professional plan adds access to most advanced features like advanced skip logic, access to a question bank, and unlimited survey responses.

See MySurveyLab's full list of features and plans –

#12 – SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey is a U.S. based company founded in 2013. The company website includes a fairly large library of training videos to support its software which is a very nice value add.

Survey creation video:

Key Features:

  • Easy survey creation using existing templates or drag and drop editor
  • Real-time reporting
  • Question logic, quotas, and pre-population
  • Pre-designed templates for a number of markets and industries

Free Plan:

The company only recommeds the free plan as a trial platofrm and not something to conduct actual surveys due to the low response limitation.

Plus Plan: ($299/year)

Get unlimited surveys and responses, basic question logic features, custom branding, and data exporting to Excel.

Pro Plan: ($480/year)

The Pro plan adds access to more question types, more question logic options, full customization of the survey design presentation, and more data exporting.

Premium Plan: ($1188/year)

The Premium plan adds access to all features including advanced reporting and analytics, anonymous surveys, pre-filling data into the survey, and advanced question logic.

See SoGoSurvey's complete feature list –

#13 – SurveyGizmo

Survey Gizmo is headquartered in Boulder, CO and was founded in 2006.

Survey creation video:

Free Plan:

The free plan is limited to just 3 surveys and 100 responses per month.

Collaborator Plan: ($300/year)

This plan provides unlimited surveys, questions, and responses, data exporting, basic question logic, and acess to more question types.

Professional Plan: ($1,020/year)

The Professional plan adds advanced survey logic, offline surveys, more advanced question logic, piping previous answers and data into questions, and more reporting features.

Full Access: ($1800/year)

If you want everything Survey Gizmo offers, this is the plan.

See all of Survey Gizmo's features and plan details –

#14 – SurveyAnyplace

SurveyAnyplace was started in 2011 as a tablet-based quiz tool that grew into the surveying program it is today. It is located in Antwerp, Belgium.

Survey creation video:

Key Features:

  • Incentive tools like digital scratch cards or slot machines to provide rewards for survey respondents.
  • Lots of data filters to customize reporting
  • Integration with over 1,000 apps via Zapier

Essential Plan: ($29/month, $300/year)

The Essential plan allows custom branding but only 400 survey responses per month.

Professional Plan: ($49/month, $540/year)

The Professional plan allows 2,000 responses per month and more personalization options.

See a list of all features and pricing options –

#15 – Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat specializes in customer satisfaction feedback. The company was founded in 2012 and is located in Australia.

Key Features:

Client Heartbeat seems to take a more “customer relationship management” approach to surveying rather than high volume. Their technology includes customer tracking and alerts when a customer starts to feel unhappy.

Basic Plan: ($39/month, $348/year)

Client Heartbeat's plans are basically tiered according to the number of contacts (survey respondents) you need. They taylor plans toward lower volume as the basic plan only allows 50 contacts.

Gold Plan: ($79/month, $708/year)

The Gold plan allows 500 contacts and integration with a CRM via API.

Platinum Plan: ($119/month, $1068/year)

The Platinum plan increase the contacts to 1,000 and adds premium support from the company.

View plans and pricing –

#16 – SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a market leader in the industry and was founded in 1999 and is currently based in San Mateo, CA. It is a large company with between 500-1,000 employees according to their LinkedIn profile.

Survey creation video:

Key Features:

  • Expert designed survey templates
  • Question bank of over 2,500 questions approved by survey scientists
  • Prediction tool to predict how well your survey will perform
  • Real-time analytics
Free Plan:
The free plan offers unlimited surveys, 10 questions per survey, and 100 responses per survey.
Advantage Plan: ($384/year)
The Advantage plan offers unlimited surveys, questions, and responses along with custom branding and survey URL, data exporting, question logic, A/B testing, and more.
Premier Plan: ($1,188/year)
The Premier Plan adds multilingual surveys, sentiment analysis, unlimited filter rules for data analysis, advanced question logic and piping, and white label surveys.

See all of SurveyMonkey's features and plan details –

#17 – Survicate

Survicate is based in Warsaw, Poland and was founded in 2013.

Survey creation video:

Key Features:

  • Survey templates
  • Question logic
  • Personalization based on previous answers
  • Real-time analytics

Free Plan:

The free plan only lets you survey 50 people but gives you access to survey templates, unlimited qeustions and skip logic.

Essentials Plan: ($59/month, $708/year)

Survey up to 500 poeple, data export, integrations, and custom survey endings.

Professional Plan: ($99/month, $1,188/year)

Adds surveying up to 2,500 people, white labeled surveys, custom CSS, API acess, and answer piping.

Ultimate Plan: ($249/month, $2,988/year)

Adds surveying up to 10,000 people and all features.

See all of Survicate's plans and pricing –

#18 – QuickSurveys

QuickSurveys is a part of the larger data insights company Toluna. QuickSurveys includes software to conduct your own surveys and a paid service to have surveys done for you.

Survey creation video:

Free Plan:

QuickSurveys has a generous free plan with unlimited surveys and questions, real-time reporting, and standard filter logic.

Premium Feature Plan: ($85/month, $1020/year)

The Premium plan provides access to all features.

See all plans and features –


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