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Solo Intel is the product of 20 years of my Internet experience. My desire is to help you, the small or solo Internet entrepreneur, achieve a very nice personal living from your online business by making smarter and more strategic choices than most independent businesses people typically make.

I learned way back in 2001 when I started my independent journey online with my first website and the start of my own business that the Internet could do things for the little guy like nothing I had ever seen. Plus, you can do it with far less investment and risk than an offline business. The benefit to me has been greater than I ever thought possible for someone with no formal business training whatsoever.

But that's been a story that has been told thousands of times already – most people understand the reality of the Internet success story but still not enough people are taking advantage of it. Or they are stuck in ways of thinking that are getting them nowhere and costing them too much time and money.

I have seen the ups and downs of the Internet business world from my narrow window of experience over the last 20 years. I have faced price wars, consolidation, and technological game changers (namely the rise of mobile devices) – forces that were outside my control and greatly impacted my small business. I have seen the rise and fall of independent operators and their over-reliance on the latest search engine fads that can literally make or break you overnight. I have even given in to the temptation of some of them (ahem, certain link building tactics) and paid the price. But I have also tasted the victory of recovery and a successful website sale that has taken good care of me the last several years.

So with that rollercoaster ride in the rear view mirror, along with the lessons learned, the future of this site is about doing something different. It is about thinking long term and striving to make better and more strategic choices that make the best use of time and money. It is about learning and growth and stretching yourself in ways to advance beyond your competition who, like most people, would rather stay comfortable. It is about competing smarter.

I am not a large operator. I am only one person. I have already experienced the days of nice offices, employees, short term college interns and regular office hours. I am done with that. I am all about keeping expenses insanely low in order to chase the best profit margins possible. But at the same time, I am committed to doing it with honesty, integrity, and care for others – goals that I admit are sometimes hard to maintain online when you don't have real people in front of you.

So be encouraged, I am one person, like many of you and I firmly believe that solo entrepreneurs still can do incredible things on the Internet with all the amazing resources out there to help us along. Though some things are much harder than they were 20 years ago, some things have gotten much easier. In one way it is a different game, and in other ways, it is still the same. I have learned that the wise person looks past fly by night trends, sets a strategic path, makes course corrections where necessary, and steadily persists until victory is achieved.

Easier said than done, but for those who don't give up, I believe the reward is great.

To our long-term and strategic success,


James Rosenquist
President – Author – Editor – Web Master – Fellow Traveler
Alpha Internet Media & Solo Intel

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