Course Creation

Creating an online course can be a great way to move beyond affiliate marketing and advertising and start building your own customer base. Additionally, courses can create a solid, long term revenue stream to help you diversify your income sources. The articles below deal with all kinds of course creation topics from market research to production.

How to Do Market Research for Course Creation

Going through the time and expense of creating a course that doesn't sell is a terrible feeling. Learn how to do smart market research before building your course for the best chance to succeed.

10 Places to Sell Your Online Course

If you don't want to spend as much time and money marketing your course, you can always try to sell your content on course marketplaces with existing audiences. Here are 10 you may want to consider.

How Long It Takes to Learn Basic Video Editing

We'll walk you through typical basic tasks, how to speed up the learning process, and simple and free video editing software to help you become familiar with editing without getting overwhelmed by programs that are too complicated for what you need.

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